Starting with the excavation!

Today is the first day of work on site! After months of preparation it is time to start the excavations for the foundations of the dormitory. We woke up full of energy and expectations, and over breakfast we discussed about the number of workers that we will find on site or if we will find someone at all … We pop in the taxi and we watch carefully at the road that will lead us to the orphanage every day. Soon we will have our car and it’s better to have a clear picture of ​​the road if we want to avoid getting lost in the wilderness of Kenya …

We arrive a bit late and surprisinlgy we see a large number of people sitting around the dormitory area waiting in silence for our arrival. The workers are ready to begin but the bishop asked them not to start until the “first symbolic shovel” has been laid. The opening ceremony haven’t finished yet and immediately nearly thirty workers form a circle in the field and start to talk animatedly.

After a while we realize that the workers aren’t talking  about the works, instead they’re arguing on the daily rate but after a statement from the chief work immediately they pick the shovels up and began to dig.



We are astonished by the speed and commitment that they put in the excavation and we get involved by the energy in the air.Tommaso jump immediately into his supervisor role and the workers even seem to believe it  - BOH!? XD – Roberto and  Fabiana set the points from where they will record the progress of works.
We can’t resist our curiosity, so we decide to take a soil sample for our tests to see if is a suitable material to be used for the future construction of the volunteers’ house and we immediately realize that it is good for our earthbags dome! 
Time passes quickly and we’re pleased to realize that the excavations are underway! If the workers keep going on with the same energy we could end the digging in a couple of days! Considering that we are two weeks ahead according to our program we can say that this is efficiency!
Now is six in the afternoon, we’ve  told the driver William to take us back to HomaBay. On the way back we don’t lose the opportunity to negotiate on the price  and Tommy shows his skill as a negotiator when we check the possibility of renting one of the three cars of William’s “fleet”.

Today, the road back home seems shorter and we don’t understand if it’s about the sligthly different route or the driver’s skill and while we talk about it William stop the car beside a group of people telling us that this is the town where they plant and sell the sweetest pineapple of the country, without hesitating we immediately buy 4 pineapple for the astronomical amount of less than a pound!

Finally, we are in Homa Bay and after trying a delicious fruit of the area we go to our room to sleep on our second day as Kenyan employees!
TUOANANE KESHO! See you tomorrow!








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The Big Day!

The Big Day

The long awaited moment finally came: today was really a day full of strong emotions and feelings.

We arrived this morning at  Bala Mercy around 11 and after a short briefing in the office of the Bishop, who explained to us the day’s program with great satisfaction, we approached the area where the schools are and a shed had been set up under which teachers, children, guards and the orphanage cooks had been waiting for us, certainly more than 300 people, to start the inauguration ceremony of the dorm!













After the presentations we went on to thank Rosario, and especially the three girls who took this orphanage to heart about 3 years ago: Ilaria, Irene, and Giada.

The bishop went on to explain how important the foundations are not only for architecture but for all things. Foundations are our feet, thay are the basis of our future, our values. And everything that will come along depends on how we’ll build these foundations! We had never seen this in the foundations of a building, but we listened and made the most of these truths with great pleasure.
The ceremony continued, by tradition, with all these people singing while crossing the area where the dormitory will be built.















Eventually, we went to the office for the more “serious” part of the ceremony: the signing of the contract, we finally made it!













Going back to Homa Bay, recalling the wonderful day we just had, we meet this incredible sunset that comes with us. What more can we say?













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