Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

The past week was full of great events and lots of work.

The second phase of the dormitory’s construction has started and it begins to outline what will be the different parts of the building: the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the showers.

At the Dome instead we are building the mezzanine in the bedrooms and we have recruited three beautiful ladies who will make the render, the external finish of the building.

Also, we worked on the project of the press for the production of pellets, we organized some English and drawing lessons for the children and for us not to miss anything we also helped Pastor James to pick cotton in its cultivation during the weekend.

The days passed very quickly and happily thanks to the presence of Ciarda and Mick who greeted us yesterday very reluctantly, with the promise to return soon to visit the children at the Bala.

To happily conclude the week, on Saturday evening we organized a concert for the guests and the workers that help us with the Dome. The evening was a huge success. The children dedicated us a few Kenyans songs and dances and we have returned playing for them songs like “Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Door,” “Stairway to Heaven” and “One.” Among these the first song seems to have been the favorite of all, as from that night you often hear the children singing the chorus of the song that has really conquered them!

Back to work now and we’ll update you next week, when we will have new volunteers from Italy helping us!



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The team is complete!

Fabiana and Roberto are back from their short break. Ciarda and Mick, two new volunteers who joined us from Ireland, are now at home and working at the Dome and will begin the Biomass Fuel Press project to create pellet briquettes for the community…much to the laughter of many here at the Bala, amused by the shades of red fire that their skin has become in just a few days, even when the sky was grey and they have only seen a little sun.
To live even closer to life here at the Bala Mercy Children’s Center, we finally moved into the orphanage. Our room is located in front of the girls’ dorm and it is with their laughter and whispers that we fall asleep at night and with their voices and movements that we wake up every morning.
At the Dome, work is continuing at full speed. The roof of the kitchen is almost closed and in the meantime we are working on the mezzanine and the provision of beds in the rooms.
Soon we’ll close the roof and this area will be over 6 feet tall! Have you seen the latest photos?
The contract for the second phase of construction of the dormitory is finally ready and work will begin shortly.
Finally, the project with the Biosand filters is going in the right direction. The children have diligently poured and filtered water every day in the last 3 weeks. At the end of this process, filters will be 100% active and ready to purify water that children will drink every day.
That’s all for this week, see you next time and keep following us on Facebook!


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