The Dome, the dormitory, the pellet and much more …

It has been a little while since the last time but you didn’t forget about us, right?
Here there has been much work to do and so many contingencies to be addressed. A powerful storm has slowed down a little the work at the Dome, but we have now resumed in full swing and in the last few days we’ve been able to admire beautiful sunsets from the mezzanine, which is now finished.

The construction of the dormitory instead proceeds unabated, and next week we hope to finish the walls of the structure.
We also worked on the project of the pellet with the invaluable help of five other volunteers who have spent the last two weeks here with us. Giulia, Luca, Matilde, Daniela and Matteo have dealt with the project, have made various experiments to understand what material needs to be used to produce fuel briquettes, which we hope will replace coal. The guys have also talked to the locals to see if the press for the production of this material could be of interest. The community’s reaction has been enthusiastic and in the coming weeks we will organise a workshop with them to show what you can produce with banana peels, leaves and various scraps and waste!

There is just to add a note of nostalgia. The children left the orphanage last week to spend their end of year’s holiday with their families.

To say goodbye we organised a party. First we played with them, as we have done much in the last two weeks, losing once again to all the challenges. We launched a tug of war, which of course we lost, and then we distributed the gifts we had prepared. Strips of cloth (strictly recycled!) with flowers were pinned to the girls, stickers and balloons for the boys and then the usual beloved candies for everyone! Finally we sang loudly and danced with them. We were moved and a bit sad and we could not help but promise to return soon to visit the young residents of the Bala Mercy Children’s Centre.

Now we are alone again here in the orphanage. On one hand we enjoy the peace and quiet of this beautiful African campaign, on the other we regret the morning’s shouts and the night’s laughter of the girls and boys who accompanied us in these months.
It ‘s all for this week.

We’ll update you soon.

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