Bala 2012

And everybody is finally back at the Bala. Everything looks the same apart from trees and plants that grew up quickly giving a bright green touch to the lands. Bad flooding affected the Bala area last April, bringing damages to houses and people but also watering the soil enough to turn it into the best time of the year to plough and sow.

Another big difference from last year is that finally the dormitory is finished. It’s big, colorful and plenty of light, with brick walls instead of iron sheets and it’s been quite emotional seeing the children happy in their new rooms.

Works on the dome are going on. We are in the phase of rendering and adding the final touch to the structure and then we’ll be able to go through the finishing and get everything ready by the beginning of September.

The first volunteer of the 2012 came to help us for one month. He’s Leon and we met in London while working at an earth-bag building for the Festival of the World , in Southbank until next September, along with other people coming from all over the world and got together thaks to the passion for earth building: only good vibes!

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