Mission accomplished!

collage of pictures from the finished dome

We finally finished the dome house!
After a year and a half we are proud to share it with you, especially with all those who helped us during the construction!

But there is always a new beginning to every end…

playground bala orphanage

A few days before the final details a new challenge is facing us! With the arrival of some of the members of the NGO that is sponsoring the orphanage we find ourselves involved in the construction of the playground.
Could we ever have said no? Of course not! We enjoyed more than the children to design it and build it!

playground bala orphanage

It was a wonderful experience. During this period we have worked, shared and learned so much about the Kenyan culture. A strange feeling pervades us, we are happy to have finished the project, but at the same time a bit sad to have to leave. A part of us will remain at the orphanage but we will keep a lot of ​​feelings in our hearts.

We can not help but thank Dorian and Maura, the staff of the orphanage, our trusty workers and the whole community of Bala, for having treated us like members of the same family. We felt respected, protected and appreciated.

That’s all folks, thank you for your support!

Stay tuned!

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