This project is the result of joint efforts of 4People and ELPIS Onlus of Florence (Italy) and involves the construction of a dormitory which includes toilet facilities and staff headquarters.

At present, the children are living in small villages nearby and every day they walk to the orphanage to attend their classes and eat. The commute is long and especially for older girls, walking from the orphanage to the villages can be dangerous, especially at sunset. The dormitory will accommodate 50 girls and will ensure stability and security. A wing is intended for staff accommodation to assist and supervise the girls. To ensure the hygiene of the bathrooms we have planned to include showers and changing rooms.

The dormitory is divided into modular blocks joined together for maximum convenience, speed of execution and economy as well as a very stable structure. Once completed, the building will contain 2 blocks for beds and 1 block for toilets and headquarters. The structure is made ​by a framework of reinforced concrete, brick work on the walls and timber roof trusses.

To cope with the prices we will use local materials and labor while helping the local economy.

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