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4people team in london

4people is a consultancy and coordination group for companies and institutions involved in the social and economical improvement of developing countries. By coordinating the different associations operating in the same field and enriching the communication between them, 4people can help to improve the world of humanitarian aid.

In the world of humanitarian aid there are large and small associations, who with commitment and dedication among communities in developing countries, endeavor to help alleviate poverty and discomfort. Usually activities are limited to giving money, food and material goods to help the community. In the short term, this makes the community reliant on aid without helping to create a future or plan any growth – a fundamental part of society. There are also independent groups working with various communities who need support coordinating with others in the same field. So with shared planning and reasoned development, the aid can be made more effective on the ground, helping to achieve a permanent escape from poverty.

4people can help with this by improving the coordination and communication of various associations or groups working in the same field.

We believe that development is not gained solely by transferring money and goods, but through skills. New skills and experiences enable people to make the most of their culture and traditions and therefore create their own development.
Tradition and culture are considered key resources in the development process, to make it sustainable without distorting the natural development of communities and their social, economic and cultural backgrounds.
To be a bridge between the charities and NGOs operating in developing countries with the aim to synchronise every aspect of their work with local needs through our presence on site.
To generate sustainable development through the transfer of skills and experiences, with particular regard to capacity building and community development principles.
To coordinate charities and NGOs operating in the same field, bringing together projects according to our mission and objectives.


Fabiana Alcojor (Mendoza, Argentina)
Tommaso Bazzechi (Florence, Italy)
Roberto Gerosa (Palermo, Italy)
Paola Narracci (Taranto, Italy)
Project Coordinator

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